Live Jury Pool Vetting: The Future of Trials

In the vast and varied world of trial strategy, attorneys are constantly seeking innovative strategies to build a compelling case. One increasingly popular approach is live jury pool vetting, a powerful tool that allows defense teams to gather comprehensive information about prospective jurors. This technique involves utilizing a team of private investigators to obtain and compile data about the jury pool in real-time. The advent of this practice has provided attorneys with invaluable insights, enhancing their ability to form a jury that would be more receptive to their client’s cause.

Preparing for Voir Dire

The process begins with an in-depth consultation with the client to define the parameters of the ‘ideal’ juror for each particular case. Every case is unique, and the circumstances and evidence involved necessitate a nuanced understanding of the type of person who would best understand, empathize, and objectively assess the presented facts.

Considerations could range from the socio-economic and marital status to political orientation and beliefs about the government. A client might prefer a juror who has leadership experience or a specific perspective on law enforcement. There are numerous factors that may influence a juror’s perception of a case, and understanding these potential biases or leanings can equip a defense team with a strategic edge.

The Role of Private Investigators

On the day of voir dire, one team member typically sits with the client in the courtroom while a team of 5-6 private investigators are working feverishly behind-the-scenes, equipped with a live Google Sheet, ready to populate the document with gathered data. Information regarding each potential juror’s employment, marital status, political donations and registration, social media presence, and overall political views is meticulously recorded. The objective is to compile as comprehensive a profile as possible for each potential juror, as quickly as possible.

The use of live Google Sheets allows for real-time updates and seamless collaboration between team members. This dynamic approach enables the defense team to make well-informed, split-second decisions about who to strike during jury selection.

The Impact on Client Experience

Clients have found this unique service to be of immeasurable value. By delving into the nuances of each potential juror’s background and beliefs, attorneys can be far more strategic in their jury selection process. This approach facilitates the assembly of a jury pool that is potentially more empathetic to the client’s situation, providing a foundation for a stronger defense.

Live jury pool vetting not only empowers the defense team with more extensive knowledge but also ensures that the client feels heard, understood, and proactively involved in their defense strategy. This sense of involvement often contributes to increased trust and enhanced attorney-client relationships.


In a world where the legal landscape is continuously evolving, adaptability and innovation are key. Live jury pool vetting represents a groundbreaking technique, combining technological advancements and investigative expertise to optimize the jury selection process.

This practice provides a clear example of how embracing modern tools and techniques can transform traditional legal processes. By fully leveraging the potential of real-time data and comprehensive juror profiles, defense attorneys can create a more tailored strategy, instill confidence in their clients, and ultimately strengthen their case.


About Marc Hurwitz: Marc Hurwitz is a respected national security expert and private investigator with a rich background in government service. With degrees from SUNY Buffalo and George Washington University, he began his career in Senator Moynihan’s office, served in the State Department, White House, and CIA, earning commendations for his service. In 2008, he established Crossroads Investigations, a renowned full-service private investigation and due diligence firm in South Florida. A Florida Board Certified Investigator and a Certified International Investigator, Marc also holds an accreditation as a Bourbon Steward from the Stave & Thief Society. He is deeply committed to his profession, industry, and community.