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Miami-Dade Bar Association

Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Justice.
In the legal profession, it is essential to be a part of an organization that supports you. The Miami Dade Bar (MDB) supports its members in many ways, but some of the most important aspects are the abundant networking opportunities, high quality and timely continuing legal education, and leadership development opportunities for attorneys, to help you GROW your practice, GAIN experience and GIVE back. Whether you are in a small firm or large firm, practice in the area of family law or tax law, the DCBA can help you in your practice.

Committed to Our Goals & Values

  • To serve the needs of our membership.
  • To advocate for improvements to the justice system.
  • To provide leadership for the legal profession and the community.
  • To raise and maintain the ethical and professional standards of conduct of the bar.
  • To educate the public about the justice system and the legal profession.
  • To preserve the independence of the judiciary.
  • To promote meaningful access to justice for all people, of any economic or social condition.
  • To promote diversity within the legal profession.
  • To promote responsibility for public service by lawyers.
  • To build and maintain a strong financial and organizational infrastructure to carry out the goals of the Association.

Member Benefits

The Miami Dade Bar Association offers a wide range of benefits and resources to its members.

Lawyer Referral Service

Get client referrals from the MDB to help grow your practice and reach a wider audience.

Continuing Education

100+ Hours of education opportunities and tools to expand and enrich your expertise.

Making Connections

Stay connected to your peers in the legal community through various MDB events.

Members get get access to career-building opportunities, advocating for the profession, and promoting the rule of law. Join the MDB legal community where you can develop the relationships you need in order to thrive as a small firm practitioner.

Miami Dade Bar Association

To serve the public and the Bar.
Promoting equal justice, professionalism & civility.

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Opportunities for Professional Advancement & Exposure

With 33 sections, committees and divisions, provides its members with a unique opportunity for growth.
Grow Your Practice

Referrals & Networking

The Miami Dade Bar helps you grow your practice by inviting you to build your professional network at hundreds of events, where you will meet other attorneys who can refer you work. Expand your client base through quality referrals from the MDB’s Lawyer Referral Service.

Gain Experience

Learn & Lead

Hone your skills and learn from experts at hundreds of continuing legal education programs that the Miami Dade Bar hosts each year, or learn by doing, as you serve the community, earning valuable experience in leadership roles as chair of a committee or section or board level.

Give Back

Volunteer & Donate

Along with the Miami Dade Bar Association you can help in your community and give back. We have many volunteer opportunities where you will be making a difference in the community you serve as a legal professional. We are dedicated to serving Miami-Dade County’s lawyers and citizens.

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