Lawyer Referral Service

We will refer you to an attorney who specializes in the area of law that you need.
If you think you have a case and aren’t sure, contact us.

To request an attorney, please fill out the form linked below after reading the following description of our program.

The Miami Dade Bar Lawyer Referral Service provides attorney referrals to clients looking to hire private attorneys in Miami-Dade County. Our team will match your case with an attorney that practices the type of law that you need. All of our attorneys carry professional malpractice insurance and are in good standing with the Florida Bar, ensuring the best quality legal assistance.

What are the costs?

There is a $50 referral fee that entitles you to a consultation with an attorney at no cost. Our members waive their consultation fees for our clients. If for any reason you need to speak to a second attorney, you will be provided a second referral for no additional cost for another consultation with an attorney.

What do I receive?

A consultation with a knowledgeable attorney, who has experience handling your type of legal issue, provided we have an attorney fitting your needs.

Can I be guaranteed an attorney can help me?

While we will refer you to an attorney who fits your individual need, we cannot guarantee an attorney will take your case or that a legal remedy exists.

What happens if the attorney does not take my case?

If the first attorney does not take your case, or if you simply wish to obtain a second opinion, you will be provided with a second referral and consultation at no additional cost. However, the $50 fee is not refundable, as you are paying to be referred to and speak with an attorney, not for them to take your case.

What will the attorney’s fees be to take my case?

All of our attorneys will charge reasonable fees for their services. We do not have pro bono or free attorneys. We do not have a list of attorneys’ fees. The attorney will discuss fees during your initial consultation and this is entirely between you and the attorney.

How can I find a no cost (pro bono) or low cost attorney?

Dade Legal Aid and Put Something Back provide access to pro bono and low bono services. To contact, click on their logo below.

You can reach LRS by filling out the form below:

For pro bono or low bono services, please click the logo below:


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