The Johnnie M. Ridgely President’s Award

The Johnnie M. Ridgely President’s Award was created in 2005 to honor Johnnie Ridgely’s life and commitment to service. She was the most important figure in the nearly 100 years of the Dade County Bar Association serving as Executive Director for 41 years and leading the bar through numerous innovations such as: the purchase of the building and land, the implementation of the Volunteer Lawyers program which became “Put Something Back,” the coordination of the largest hurricane relief effort following the devastation of Andrew in 1992, and much more.

Mrs. Ridgely was the bar’s greatest champion, leader and director. Her devotion, honesty, integrity and demeanor were some of her greatest achievements throughout the span of her career.

Former Awardees:

2005 Senator Bob Graham

2011 Sharon Langer

2013 Terrance Biddulph

2014 Steven W. Davis

2015 Sookie Williams

2016 Hon. Betty Jean Tucker Ferguson

2017 Hon. Beth Bloom

2018 Hon. Bertila Soto

2019 Hon. Jeanette Nuñez  

2020 Karen Ladis

2021 Dr. Zinzi Bailey & Stuart Ratzan

2022 Eric Hockman

2023 Jane Muir