Lexis+ AI

By Alison Manchester 

The commercial launch of Lexis+ AI in October 2023 was a watershed moment in the legal industry, introducing the first comprehensive legal research platform powered by generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) trained for the legal profession. Since that time, we have been collecting continuous user feedback based on our customers’ real-life use of the platform and putting those learnings to use by enhancing this breakthrough offering.

We’re now taking the industry to the next level with this week’s launch of our second-generation legal generative AI Assistant on Lexis+ AI.

Lexis+ AI is the first Legal AI solution that provides linked citations in responses. All answers are grounded in the world’s largest repository of accurate and exclusive legal content from LexisNexis, including case law, statutes, treatises and more. One Lexis+ AI subscription provides a powerful suite of AI tools; there is no need to purchase add-ons.

This innovative platform enables conversational search, insightful summarization, intelligent legal drafting, and document upload and analysis capabilities — all in a seamless user experience. It incorporates multiple large language models to match the best model for each research task, which is why Lexis+ AI performs at greater speed (2X faster than Westlaw).

The new generation of our AI Assistant on Lexis+ AI delivers an even more personalized experience that will support legal professionals in making informed decisions faster, generating outstanding work, and freeing up time for them to focus on other efforts that drive value. All existing Lexis+ AI customers have access to the enhanced AI Assistant.

There are five key enhancements to Lexis+ AI that will empower users to further transform the way they work:

1. Faster Results

Receive AI-generated answers delivered faster with more conversational experience. The AI Assistant returns results backed by verifiable authority.

For example, a corporate lawyer might need to get up to speed quickly on the latest case law applicable to an acquisition agreement they are drafting. Lexis+ AI can continuously provide relevant legal information from authoritative sources as it processes the data, saving the lawyer time of sifting through a lengthy document all at once. This places the essential information at their fingertips to help them negotiate from a position of strength.

2. Conversational Guidance

Lexis+ AI will now provide tailored, task-specific recommendations that anticipate questions and guide users to leverage answers directly in drafting work such as emails, letters, arguments, clauses, and memos.

For example, a solo practitioner might need to draft a motion that must be filed with the court on a tight deadline. During the drafting process, the lawyer can converse with the AI Assistant, which will respond by providing personalized suggestions for phrasing, relevant legal citations and even specific language for the motion, saving hours of research and writing time.

3. Statute Summaries

Generative AI-powered summaries will be available across the LexisNexis federal and state statute collection (these summaries are also available to the public via the LexisNexis U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center, as a part of the company’s work to support transparency of law).

For example, a law firm associate might be working on an environmental law matter and need to have a better understanding of the key provisions of a specific regulation on the books. By feeding the statute citation into the AI Assistant, the associate can obtain a summary of the key provisions, purpose and potential impact of the statute. This equips the lawyer to have a more informed discussion with the client about how this regulation impacts their business.

4. Added Delivery Options

The enhanced Lexis+ AI will also feature expanded capabilities with new delivery options for Lexis+ AI conversations, including Email, Download and Print.

For example, a litigation partner might be working on a complex case that requires collaboration among multiple lawyers. By requiring all lawyers who use Lexis+ AI for research on the case to share their emailed or printed AI conversations with colleagues, the partner can ensure everyone is on the same page and can facilitate knowledge sharing within the legal team.

5. Improved User Experience

The Lexis+ AI development team will refine the user experience with improved readability, ease-of-use and aesthetic updates, including support to easily deliver and share Lexis+ AI output. Customers are responding positively to these enhancements, with 91% of users reporting Lexis+ AI is easy to use, a 5-point increase since the product was launched in October 2023.

These enhancements are important because an easy-to-understand and user-friendly generative AI product is likely to obtain faster adoption by lawyers. Moreover, improved readability of outputs ensures they can act on the information with greater speed and effectiveness, ultimately boosting their efficiency and work quality at the same time.

“Our vision is for every legal professional worldwide to have a virtual AI assistant that is specifically trained and customized to their needs,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of LexisNexis North America, UK, and Ireland. “We’re working with our customers every step of the way to rapidly deliver AI innovations that enable them to work at peak performance and unlock new opportunities that generate value for their organizations.“

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